Yeah I Did

vegan peanut butter cookie stuffed with vegan peanut butter cups

well, I shared it with a friend at work, bought it at Karmavore

it was huge, and delicious,

and that IS what she said

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Farm Getaway


Kyle, E and I took a little trip down to Washington on the weekend.  I used for my first time and it was great. Super easy to book and we found a great listing for nice camper on a farm!!!

We hit Target and Trader Joe’s in Bellingham on the way down.  Drove another 15 minutes into the country, and arrived at our destination for the night.  Our hosts, Lise and Dennis,  were lovely and showed us around the farm, introducing us to the animals and explaining a little bit about what they do. The animal names were too many for me to remember, should’ve been taking notes.

Bear, the rotund mini horse

this lovely lady is with child!


Chickens, ducks, cows, horses, bunnies, goats and dogs.

the mare with the star is 27!


one of many



Lise grew up on the farm and used to show Morgan horses. She told us that back in the day every stall in the barn had a horse in it. Most of the stalls house rescue poultry these days. The chickens have a forever home here on the farm. Most of them were pets or backyard chickens at some point.

We had two mountain views and a big lawn to play on. We played catch and footy with E. There was also an extra kiddie pool that we were able to use for E to splash about in. After dinner we strolled down the farm lane to visit the horses.


We had the constant companionship of either Dasher or Mila, on our strolls and around the camper.

Once E was settled in bed for the night Kyle and I relaxed outside in the air, enjoying the sunset.


in the pool

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Happy Wedding Day!


On July 1st, also known as Canada Day, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two of the loveliest people I know, Ashala and Stefano! Not only did we eat, drink, dance, bounce, laugh and sing, I also baked cupcakes and snapped a few photos.

The wedding took place in their garden. The skies cleared about 3 o’clock, just in time for the 4 pm nuptuals. The bar was open and snacks served upon arrival. The mood was high and guests were having a great time. The bride’s handsome son walked her to the huppah,


(frame built by the groom, canopy sewn by mother of the bride), daughter of the bride scattered flower petals and also sang after the ceremony. Friends of the couple, members of the Paperboys, performed two sets of live music as a three piece. Occasionally accompanied by some VIP’s of the day. Oh, and there was road hockey too!!


Thankfully the trampoline was left up in a corner of the yard. E spent about four hours jumping and dancing with the other kids–kid cage–perfect.

Ashala once mentioned that her all time favourite cake was Red Velvet with cream cheese  icing. I kept that little nugget of information tucked away, and knew just what kind of cupcakes to make for her special day. The cake and frosting recipes are from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. (pg 30 and 303) Occasionally I tinker with recipes, but for this special day I followed the recipe word for word. Why mess with the master? I made two regular size cupcakes for the bride and groom and about 55 mini cupcakes for the guests. I used my best ever icing kit from Bake It Pretty and followed the video instructions to ice my first roses on the regular cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty nicely!



I wasn’t the only food contributor. There were Italian orzo salads, pulled pork, potato salads, beet salads, brownies, lemon tarts fresh fruit,  Mexican Wedding cakes and more. We were certainly well fed! Except for E, who we couldn’t get off the trampoline long enough to eat more than a bite of bun and a few crackers.

We were having a great time and didn’t want to leave but the trampoline can only keep a toddler out of bed for so long.

Congratulations to Ashala and Stefano!! We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

happy days!

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I started yesterday with some much needed quality tea time with a good friend. It had been a busy, long and slightly sleep deprived week. Daycare called and asked for E an    hour early, yes, requested that I drop my child off an hour early!                                 Worked out perfectly, and we headed to a newish cafe on Main St. I remember walking by Trafiq just before their grand opening when they were just setting up. That was within the last year.

Trafiq is a french style cafe. Very comfortable inside, bright and airy and the tables don’t feel like they are on top of one another. There are glass swinging doors into the kitchen, so you can see the magic happening! And the chefs wear actual floppy baker’s hats!

creative use of mixer!

We took our teas outside to enjoy the hour before the rain started. We also shared a Chunky Monkey.  Banana chocolate bread pudding made with croissants. Seriously.

Also on the menu were croissants, pain au chocolat, tarts, panini and as if to taunt us a shelf of fresh baked bread and baguette was rolled up to the window as we were getting ready to leave.

Chunky Monkey

I certainly wouldn’t complain if I had to start every day this way!

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Butter Baked Goods

How have I never been to this magical place???

‘sandwich cookies’ the size of an actual sandwich

On Tuesday we said goodbye to our lovely, stinky Addi girl.  She was 13, we loved her and she was ready to go.  Julie brought us some treats and tea to help us cope.  A very thoughtful and delicious gesture.

the Addi girl

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More Doughnuts!

Wednesday I met a few of my lovely ladies for elevenses. We hit up the new 49th Parallel at Main and 13th. Pretty sure we were teleported to Portland, in a good way!! This is the second location of 49th and has only been open a few days. They have done a fab job on renovating the old dry cleaners that was located there for years. Lots of heavy wood tables and stools, exposed pipes, iron supports, farm style lights and Edison bulbs.

What goes best with coffee?? Pretty sure the correct answer is doughnuts. I was very proud of the restraint I showed in only purchasing one doughnut for myself. I think I was still taking in my surroundings when it came time to order. I had an Earl Grey tea and an Orange Pistachio doughnut. Unfortunately the tea was meh…. I liked the presentation–the personal tea pot on a wooden board with the assurance that it was ‘brewed and ready to go’ for me. In future, I’ll decide when my tea is ready, please leave the bag in….


To the doughnuts. Really, really good. Very moist and spongy, not heavy or dry at all. Lucky’s sources all of their ingredients as locally as possible, and makes everything from scratch. Fillings, glazes, icings, jams etc.

lemon Bismark

orange pistachio
Kyle’s triple choc lurking in the back (best wife ever?)

As we were leaving, I noticed croissants in the treat case, almond and butter. I’ll get you next time croissant, next time.

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Happy Day

It was my birthday earlier in May. I had a fab day, infact it was a fab week!!

The day itself started out with tea in bed, a card created by my boys and a gorgeous new book. Really gorgeous…


Kyle made us french toast for breakfast, my favorite! Which he topped with a powdered sugar heart, chocolate chips and served with strawberries. Yum!!

I could eat this every day

Then E went off to daycare and I went off to the spa…. For four hours…..sauna, massage, facial, pedi, bliss.

Dinner at home, curry and cupcakes! Cassia Cupcakery is our local cupcake shop. Cookies and Cream is my fave.

We rounded out the day by attending a Whitecaps match. First half was a bit of a bore, but a few changes at half time and the game picked up. Final score was 3-2 for Vancouver.

Happy Days xx

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