Mason Jar Cookies



rosy, after nap cheeks

Christmas Eve we received cookies in a jar from our friend Bonnie. I’ve seen these before but haven’t assembled them myself. Bonnie got crafty and I think they turned out great! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon afternap.

The baked cookies were chewy and delicious, the way a chocolate chip M&M cookie should be!

My only advice, to myself if ever gifted another baked good in a jar, or others with said jars waiting to be baked–fully mix the dry goods before adding to the wet. Beginners Baking 101–rookie mistake. I didn’t soften the butter enough, and was trying to short cut. Short cuts and baking don’t mix. A few of my cookies ended up with little pockets of baking soda that hadn’t fully encorporated. IMG_1250

Great gift!  Thanks Bones!

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One Response to Mason Jar Cookies

  1. ashalapyjama says:

    Love this! Such a great idea. Char I have a LOT of jars if you ever want to do this.

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