Sponge Worthy

Recently my good friend Christina graduated with her B.Ed from UBC. This was her second degree completed in the last few years. In which time she also had a child. Serious accomplishments.

To help us celebrate, her in-laws took both of our children for a sleepover so we could go out and attend the show our husband’s band was playing. Not just a sleepover, a sleepover with Spiderman costumes from which we didn’t need to pick them up until 5 pm–the next day! And when we picked them up we were to stay for a BBQ.

Yes, I’d say both of these events are sponge worthy. So I made one. I’m loving how easy this recipe from my British Baking book is. 4 eggs, weighed in their shells, then equal parts butter, flour and sugar–done and yum. A little whipped cream, a few strawberries.

slice of sponge

This is the second time I’ve made this Victoria Sponge. First one was slightly more moist. Next time, one less minute in the oven.

Also, this week we went on a field trip to Maplewood Farm. This goat caught my eye.

sun goat

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