quick catch up

I have done quite a bit of baking lately, but not much picture taking.

I made my first Victoria Sponge, with whipped cream and strawberries. So easy, and delicious. Recipe from my British Baking book, Peyton and Byrne. Took that cake to a tennis party-Wimbledon’t.

Also from that book I made a Lemon Swiss Roll for Shannon’s birthday. Complete with homemade lemon curd. Granted I had to rescue the curd with a rue as it wasn’t as curdy as it should have been, the finished product was also delicious–should have made two.

Brownies, banana spelt mini muffins and banana monkey cupcakes.

These were for lovely Olive’s second birthday party. Banana pecan cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes, minus the pecans. Chocolate frosting from Hello Cupcake.


Ewan’s “monster pupcake”


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One Response to quick catch up

  1. Shannon says:

    I can vouch for that lemon roll! The best part was I got a jar of the curd as a bonus bday gift — needless to say it didn’t last long.

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