Farm Getaway


Kyle, E and I took a little trip down to Washington on the weekend.  I used for my first time and it was great. Super easy to book and we found a great listing for nice camper on a farm!!!

We hit Target and Trader Joe’s in Bellingham on the way down.  Drove another 15 minutes into the country, and arrived at our destination for the night.  Our hosts, Lise and Dennis,  were lovely and showed us around the farm, introducing us to the animals and explaining a little bit about what they do. The animal names were too many for me to remember, should’ve been taking notes.

Bear, the rotund mini horse

this lovely lady is with child!


Chickens, ducks, cows, horses, bunnies, goats and dogs.

the mare with the star is 27!


one of many



Lise grew up on the farm and used to show Morgan horses. She told us that back in the day every stall in the barn had a horse in it. Most of the stalls house rescue poultry these days. The chickens have a forever home here on the farm. Most of them were pets or backyard chickens at some point.

We had two mountain views and a big lawn to play on. We played catch and footy with E. There was also an extra kiddie pool that we were able to use for E to splash about in. After dinner we strolled down the farm lane to visit the horses.


We had the constant companionship of either Dasher or Mila, on our strolls and around the camper.

Once E was settled in bed for the night Kyle and I relaxed outside in the air, enjoying the sunset.


in the pool

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2 Responses to Farm Getaway

  1. Ashala Daniel says:

    What a brilliant little getaway and you captured it so well! More posts please!!

  2. Ray says:

    Gorgeous pics!!! xxxx

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