Happy Wedding Day!


On July 1st, also known as Canada Day, I had the pleasure of attending the wedding of two of the loveliest people I know, Ashala and Stefano! Not only did we eat, drink, dance, bounce, laugh and sing, I also baked cupcakes and snapped a few photos.

The wedding took place in their garden. The skies cleared about 3 o’clock, just in time for the 4 pm nuptuals. The bar was open and snacks served upon arrival. The mood was high and guests were having a great time. The bride’s handsome son walked her to the huppah,


(frame built by the groom, canopy sewn by mother of the bride), daughter of the bride scattered flower petals and also sang after the ceremony. Friends of the couple, members of the Paperboys, performed two sets of live music as a three piece. Occasionally accompanied by some VIP’s of the day. Oh, and there was road hockey too!!


Thankfully the trampoline was left up in a corner of the yard. E spent about four hours jumping and dancing with the other kids–kid cage–perfect.

Ashala once mentioned that her all time favourite cake was Red Velvet with cream cheese  icing. I kept that little nugget of information tucked away, and knew just what kind of cupcakes to make for her special day. The cake and frosting recipes are from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. (pg 30 and 303) Occasionally I tinker with recipes, but for this special day I followed the recipe word for word. Why mess with the master? I made two regular size cupcakes for the bride and groom and about 55 mini cupcakes for the guests. I used my best ever icing kit from Bake It Pretty and followed the video instructions to ice my first roses on the regular cupcakes. I think they turned out pretty nicely!



I wasn’t the only food contributor. There were Italian orzo salads, pulled pork, potato salads, beet salads, brownies, lemon tarts fresh fruit,  Mexican Wedding cakes and more. We were certainly well fed! Except for E, who we couldn’t get off the trampoline long enough to eat more than a bite of bun and a few crackers.

We were having a great time and didn’t want to leave but the trampoline can only keep a toddler out of bed for so long.

Congratulations to Ashala and Stefano!! We love you and wish you a lifetime of happiness.

happy days!

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One Response to Happy Wedding Day!

  1. Ashala Daniel says:

    well I am pretty darn honoured to be the subject of one of your lovely posts. The cupcakes were waaaaay better than any I had ever had. You kick Martha’s ass!!

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