More Doughnuts!

Wednesday I met a few of my lovely ladies for elevenses. We hit up the new 49th Parallel at Main and 13th. Pretty sure we were teleported to Portland, in a good way!! This is the second location of 49th and has only been open a few days. They have done a fab job on renovating the old dry cleaners that was located there for years. Lots of heavy wood tables and stools, exposed pipes, iron supports, farm style lights and Edison bulbs.

What goes best with coffee?? Pretty sure the correct answer is doughnuts. I was very proud of the restraint I showed in only purchasing one doughnut for myself. I think I was still taking in my surroundings when it came time to order. I had an Earl Grey tea and an Orange Pistachio doughnut. Unfortunately the tea was meh…. I liked the presentation–the personal tea pot on a wooden board with the assurance that it was ‘brewed and ready to go’ for me. In future, I’ll decide when my tea is ready, please leave the bag in….


To the doughnuts. Really, really good. Very moist and spongy, not heavy or dry at all. Lucky’s sources all of their ingredients as locally as possible, and makes everything from scratch. Fillings, glazes, icings, jams etc.

lemon Bismark

orange pistachio
Kyle’s triple choc lurking in the back (best wife ever?)

As we were leaving, I noticed croissants in the treat case, almond and butter. I’ll get you next time croissant, next time.

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