Fun in P Town

Last week I took a little break. Headed to Portland with a couple of lady friends. We spent some time a little high brow and spent some time a little low brow. Did some ‘antiquing’ , eating, drinking, dancing, laughing, checking out art and crafts and some of Portland’s ‘clubs’. It was a very well rounded getaway.

Some culinary highlights; fresh pretzel at Deschutes served with cheesy stout dip, enjoyed with Red Chair citrus ale. Eggy, cheesy bagels from Kenny and Zukes, conveniently located right next door to our hotel. Donuts from Voodoo, were also a must.

Voodoo licious

Between the three of us we shared 5 donuts over our three day stay. Chocolate with coconut, hawaiian sprinkles, vanilla with M&M’s (my 2nd fave), Maple Iced with Bavarian Cream and the top fave pick of all of us, the ODB. Not sure how this donut is associated with Wu Tang’s ODB, but it was amazing–vanilla donut, chocolate icing topped with oreo cookies and peanut butter drizzle–as I said, amazing.


We spent a few hours at the Portland Art Museum, and could have spent a few more. We were all pleasantly surprised by the size of the museum and the extensiveness of the collections. We went specifically to see the Mark Rothko and John Frame exhibits, but the museum has so much more, for all tastes. I will deffinately go back.

Oh, and I bought a candle scented like campfire–yup!

morning tea and scone

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2 Responses to Fun in P Town

  1. Ashala Daniel says:

    so awesome! i love pdx. and you.

  2. Ray says:

    what does a campfire candle smell like!!!! smoky?? different…xxxx

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