Cartem’s Donuts

They’ve barely been open a fortnight but these donuts are Vancouver’s most wanted. Thanks to FB and Twitter word has spread fast.

Julie and I had a donut date on Wednesday morning. It took us a while to find the shop front. We didn’t start out with an address, just a general idea. Once we found it, they were cash only, (so new!), so we found a bank machine and headed back to the shop. The line up was out the door and there were two donuts left in the case…. They sell out SO fast.

frowny face

The shop front is a small space sublet out of the Penn Bakery, but the donut baking takes place at Woodland Smokehouse Commissary.

So we chatted with the owner, Jordan, for a while–he was calling the kitchen to get an eta on the next delivery, and a flavour list! Jordan told us a bit of the history behind the shop, why donuts, (he had a dream-literally), ingredients source, delivery, (he does it by bike) and all the while there was a constant stream of customers coming into the shop. Pre paying for donuts that weren’t even out of the fryer yet!

These 3 guys are selling 400+ donuts a day!!!

The eta was a little off, so I didn’t actually get a donut on Wednesday–We tried to get a half dozen, 2x triple choc, 2x Earl Grey and 2x Campfire, (s’mores with homemade vegan marshmallow!!!) When Julie went back to pick up our order there were a couple Earl Grey and some Carrot Cake left. I won’t lie, I was pretty disappointed. But the deliciousness of the donuts is a consolation.

Lucky for me the commissary is right down the street from my house!!! Most of the donuts go to the Cartem’s shop front, but they do leave some for sale at the commissary. I stopped in this morning at 9, hoping to score a fresh Campfire. When E and I walked in we were pegged right away as donut seekers. There were no donuts left at the counter, but some in the back being freshly glazed, each one is dipped by hand. So we browsed the shop for a few minutes and then had our pick of 4 donuts–vanilla glazed, sweet heat or carrot– we went with the vanilla. Super moist, sweet and yummy–but not a Campfire.

fresh vanilla!

Ashala, E and I shared a Carrot Cake and Earl Grey over tea this morning. I can see why the Earl Grey are a top favourite. But what really struck me was how fresh these three day old donuts still were! Seriously moist and soft–not a hint of staleness. Quality ingredients perhaps?

My quest for the Campfire continues. I’m now following @WoodlandSmoke for the flavour updates! Yes–real time donut updates!

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One Response to Cartem’s Donuts

  1. Ashala Daniel says:

    on day 4 they were still damn good. nice score Char.

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