Rolling and Dipping

A few weeks ago Kyle, myself and 3 friends took part in a chocolate making workshop. It started out with a tutorial covering some history of chocolate, cocoa growing and how chocolate is made, including the all important tasting. We learned what gives Hershey’s its unique flavor and what exactly those percentages mean. After hand washing


big slabs of ganache were brought out and divied up, each of us were given a metal sheet lined with wax paper. We were instructed to cut, mold, sculpt our ganache,

molding and cutting

which we would then dip, decorate, chill and take home. Our host told us that in a recent group someone had sculpted the Taj Ma Hal–no pressure.

Pretty steep learning curve, working with ganache. If your hands are too warm it gets very melty, if using a cookie cutter that is too small the ganache will stick. It is also very rich, so maybe less is more.

We were provided with texture sheets, colour sheets, cocoa, nuts and green cocoa butter for decorating. Each table was given a melter, dipping tools and stirring instructions.

I rolled and formed 2 cupcakes, an ace, brass knuckles and a plain old ball and square with the leftover. The knuckles had to be dipped separately and the melted chocolate kept the pieces together.


We came home with a lot of chocolate that we’re slowly working our way through. The richness really prevents consumption of a large quantity in one sitting. Not sure if that is a good thing or not!

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One Response to Rolling and Dipping

  1. Ray says:

    Oh boy char, how do you have such great skin with all that chocolate!!!! Has Ewan eaten a cupcake yet??? Cant believe he wont eat them when you are the queen of cupcakes!! What is it he doesnt like? Guess he’s just a naturally healthy boy – long may it last!!! xxxx

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