Five Years Strong

On August 5 Kyle and I celebrated 5 years of wedded bliss, with each other! HA! No really, can’t believe its been 5 years already. We went to Seattle and celebrated all weekend with no baby and no dog. Big thanks to Court, Laurin, Shannon and Jordi, who took care of our dependents. Couldn’t have flown solo without them!

bootshine at Nordstrom's

We spent the weekend walking, shopping and eating. Perfect!

insane nachos with feta and hummus at Bleu insanely delicious!


pie sale at Cakespy!!waiting for haircuts at Rudy's

There were a few more meals throughout the weekend. Great breakfasts at Dahlia and Cyclops. Also a fancy Italian meal at Il Fornaio. It was a tourist spot for sure, but the food was fab and our server was perfect. The shopping was super successful, good deals and the right products. We stayed at the Hotel Max, great service, local art on the walls.  Happy Anniversary to us!!

NY slices at Big Mario's

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