Happy Birthday Olive!

Last weekend our good friend’s celebrated their beautiful daughter’s first birthday!! It was a gorgeous sunny day, perfect for the music themed noise-fest party at the park. One year ago I had the honor of attending Olive’s birth, and this year they asked me to make her cake and cuppies for the party. Olive’s first cake!! SO lucky! It only made sense for the music themed party to have music themed cake. We chatted about flavors, and decorating, checked out some online pictures- decieded on a drum–perfect! And seemed easy enough….. so off I went to Gourmet Warehouse, picked up some fondant. I also had some music note stickers that I made into cupcake picks–that really was easy!

The cake I baked was an adaptation of Bake and Destroy’s Banana Bread French Toast Cupcakes. I emailed Natalie to confirm that doubling the ingredient amounts would work, and adjusting the baking times. It worked!! I doubled the ingredients, omitted the walnutes and poured the batter into two 8 inch, greased and floured baking pans. They only needed about 10 extra minutes and baked up perfectly.. Thank you Natalie!!

For the cupcakes I used the White Velvet Cupcake recipe from How to Eat a Cupcake. I was super excited because they sounded awesome. I used soymilk and omitted the marshmallows. They baked up fine in the super cute green polka dot liners, but when I picked them up to ice them-heavy, heavy, heavy. At this point it was close to ten on the night before the party. No time to rebake… So I whipped up some non dairy vanilla butter cream, using a real vanilla bean, iced them and hoped for the best.

White Velvet with Vanilla frosting

Back to the cake…. That drum business was harder than I thought. I had the perfect picture in my head, but after a few hours of rolling fondant and piping icing, it was no good. Seriously no good, I’m not even going to post a picture because I was feeling so bad about it. Thankfully I knew enough to put a crumb coat on the cake, to I peeled the fondant off and trashed it. I whipped up some more non dairy frosting and tinted it to match the cupcake liners. I really wanted Olive and her parents to have the raddest drum cake, but it was out of my league. They were super understanding about it, and happy for Olive to have her tasty cake! Her Daddy made a music note out of green sprinkles and they had candles to spell out her name-perfect!


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