Lemon Shortbread

Today Lemon Shortbread was on the menu. I have never made shortbread before. Well, maybe I was in the kitchen while my mum made it. Either way, this was my first solo attempt. And I wanted lemon. To the internet!!!

The first few recipes that popped up were on UK sites, which would have been perfect, except that I don’t own a kitchen scale….I should, I know. It seems like most North American recipes just use cup and spoon measurements. I would like to get my hands on my mum’s old Bero cookbook, which would require a scale. I have memories of my mum’s scale, it may have even crossed the Pond with us. Pretty sure the dishwasher wrecked the container part. Anyhoo, the recipe I went with was super simple. Four ingredients: butter, sugar, flour and lemon. The dough required hand mixing too, felt good to get my hands into it!

lemony dough

I used a knife to cut the cookies and played around with the sizes a bit. Likely could have made them bigger, or used a cutter.

lemony dough squares

The first batch got 26-27 minutes in the oven, and are a tad too brown. The second batch got 24-25 minutes and are lovely. Deffo need to have a tea accompaniment as they’re a bit dry. Is that just the nature of shortbread or maybe not enough butter?

lemon shortbread

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