Kind of Ridiculous

Ridiculously delicious! It won’t come as a surprise to those who know me that I love my chockie. Especially Cadbury’s. But it may surprise you to know that I thought twice before buying these snack cakes. Of all the Cadbury’s sweets, Creme Eggs are not the highest on my list . I prefer Mini Eggs, or Bunnies. But I did take a second look at these because they seemed just too much, if that is possible. And also because Kyle is quite partial to a Creme Egg.

To my delight, these cakes are really good. “Kind of like a Joe Louis, with creme egg inside” was how Kyle described it. Sounds good to me–I also like cake. And he was exactly right–yummy chocolate cake with creme egg filling, surrounded by chocolate. Just the right amount of creme egg filling–not too sweet.

egg shaped cake

hello creme filling

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One Response to Kind of Ridiculous

  1. Mo morden says:

    Those are good! I bought them for the kids and ate all of them!

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