San Francisco Treats

Kyle went to SF for the GDC (nerd)conference with work, so Ewan and I tagged along to see some sights. Before we left I contacted Cakespy and asked her to recommend some sweet spots to try.  She responded with a bit of an assignment. To try somewhere that she hasn’t tried and give her the low down. I’ve submitted my findings, so you may see me on Cakespy soon!

Our hotel was in Union Square. Walking distance to China Town, North Beach and the Embarcadero. I had hoped to get over to the Mission District and Haight, but I was on toddler time and the two bus journey between nap/lunch and bedtime was more than Ewan and I were up to. So we explored the area on foot, and one street car to Pier 39 to check out the Sea Lions. Telegraph Hill and North Beach had some amazing houses and cute little shops. As we came out of historic Telegraph Hill we stumbled across this Italian French Bakery

French Italian Bakery

, that was its actual name. I picked up a lemon almond scone which I ended up saving and having with my tea in the morning

Lemony almondy goodness

. North Beach opens up to Little Italy–cafes and trattorias!!! Hence my scone saving, I sat outside at Greco Cafe for a tea and chocolate orange cookie. It was perfect with my Earl Grey and dry for dunking, I didn’t lose any bits to the bottom of my cup!


At the Ferry Building I found Pepples Vegan Donuts. The stall was super cute and simple. It had one of each flavour donut displayed on the counter and boxes of the fresh donuts on shelves. I also got a kick out of their rigged up iPad security system. After flavour consideration I decided on a Meyer Lemon for Kyle and a Cinnamon Sugar for myself, (which the vendor said was her fave). They were SO good! (yes I tried the lemon too) Super soft and moist, not greasy at all. 

so many flavours!

And now for my cake gumshoery! One of the places that Cakespy suggested I try is Humphry Slocombe, an ice creamery. I didn’t make it to their shop, but I did sample two flavours in the 5th floor cafe at the SF MOMA. They have a desert based on a piece of art by Tony Cragg.

art? desert?

It has one scoop of blood orange, one scoop of malted milk and a sugar
cone. The blood orange was salty and sweet. The malted milk was A-mazing. Just like a Malteaser, and not heavy at all.

Now then-I didn’t just eat sweets the whole time we were there! Lots of walking, seeing some sights and Ewan chasing. SF is deffo a city I’d like to visit again, there is so much to see and we only just tasted the surface.

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