Weekend in the Kitchen

On Friday night I made Mac n Cheese from scratch using a recipe from marthastewart.com. The Over G’s came over to share with us and it was a hit all around. With the babe’s too! I used soy milk, because that’s what we have. The recipe also calls for a ‘pinch’ of nutmeg and a ‘pinch’ of cayenne pepper. That seems like a pretty subjective measurement, so I used 1/8 of a teaspoon. It had a nice little bite to it.

The butternut squash I had for the mac n cheese was pretty big so I used the rest of it this morning to make soup. Without a recipe!! Onion, garlic, a potato, a carrot, cayenne, nutmeg, S & P and half a veggie stock cube. Couple of cups of water, boil, whizz it up-done! Seriously simple!! I took half of the soup to warm the bellies of our friends with a brand spanking new baby–soup bribe for cuddles. I would make soup everyday for cuddles with that perfect little Miss. Gorgeous.

My second trip to the Baker’s Market was a bit of a let down. It was super busy because of the cupcake eating contest and the Vegan Vixen wasn’t there!! I didn’t stick around to see the contest. I picked up a maple nut scone from the Ivy Oven, it was delicious, more like a little cake than a scone, lots of icing. I ate it in the car so there’s no photographic evidence. I also grabbed this Cookies n’ Cream cupcake from Cady’s Cakes and Bakes. It smells SO good. If only this was a smell o ‘blog. Will likely share the cake with Kyle after soup tonight. Yep, I share.

Cookies n Cream


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One Response to Weekend in the Kitchen

  1. Lauren says:

    The soup was delish! Thanks Char! x

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