Feeling Fally

This is my favorite time of year. Cooler temperatures, changing leaves, great smells. Being able to bake without sweating your ace off. I also do Fall cleaning, not spring cleaning. Re-organize some cupboards, put things in their place, make some lists, clean some windows. Love it!!

This past weekend I went to the Baker’s Market. It was so delicious. There were about 20 vendors. Breads, tarts, tortes, muffins, pretzels, bars, macarons, sugar cookies and CUPCAKES! I did a full loop of sampling before I committed to my purchases. I was very restrained, made three purchases, and a deal with myself that when I go back I will try some good from other vendors. With the exception of Sweet Delights. I will purchase from this vendor every time.

all vegan all the time

Everything on this table is vegan! Scones, nanaimo bars, cupcakes, cookies. And Julie, the baker herself, was super sweet. I asked her a few questions about her butter cream and how she gets her goods to rise. I find when I vegan bake things are a little on the flat side. She said its the chemistry, (of course),  and told me a few things she uses for egg replacer. I guess I just need more practice! I can’t wait to try out some more of her delicious wares. I also asked her about the work involved. Julie doesn’t bake and freeze. So she spends about 20 hours in the kitchen on a friday getting ready for the Saturday market. Sweet Delights has also been at some Sunday markets, which means leaving the Saturday market to go home and bake for another 12 hours. Delicious dedication. This time my only purchase was a lemon ginger sandwich cookie. Fresh ginger, it was sweet and spicy and yum.


ginger with lemon creme


The other purchases I made were from Cady’s Cakes and Bakes. Some cheddar, sundried, tomato and onion scones for Kyle and a caramel pear square for myself. The scones were Kyle approved, (and smelled super good) and my square was great with tea. Although, some of the caramel topping came off in the bag. I hate that. I am a fan of all toppings and icings in tact.


caramel pear




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One Response to Feeling Fally

  1. Mo morden says:

    I need to stop reading this before bed, it makes me hungry!! Fall is my fav as well!

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