Time Away

Just got home from a family UK Vacation. One week in Ireland, one week in England. Lots of eating, drinking and relaxing. I did very little cooking, and absolutely no baking the whole time. There was so much good food, I don’t quite know where to start. We stayed with my Aunt and Uncle in Ireland and they grow loads of their own food in garden beds and a poly tunnel. Delicious fresh veg to go along with the amazing selection of prepared vegetarian food available in the UK. There is a product called Quorn that is high in protein, low in fat and super versatile. There are also three great lines of Organic prepared baby food, Organix, Plum and Ella’s Kitchen that have great vegetarian options. My Aunty Pepe made a delicious merengue dessert that we devoured after her amazing Thai Green Curry. Aunty Ray baked a scrummy apple blackberry pie with apples from the neighbour’s trees, we ate that with warm custard-pretty much my fave.

Merangue with Pears Hazlenuts and Chocolate Sauce

One chocolate one lemon from Cappuccino's in Wexford

More of the same in England. More Veggie options than you could imagine. Even the carvery at the pub for Sunday dinner had four veggie options, or a simple meat free carvery because the stuffing and gravy are veggie. So good! And we managed to come home with a few of Linda McCartney’s Veggie Sausage Rolls.

Mum's Mega Chocolate Birthday Cake

This is the cake that we had on my mum’s birthday. Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, chocolate shavings and chocolate covered malt balls. yep….

The first weekend in September was our annual scooter rally. Always a good time, riding, games, food and drinks. Last year on the friday night ride my friend Yolanda was hit by a car while riding right in front of me. The driver didn’t shoulder check. Very scary. She was injured, luckily not severely and her bike was written off. This year on the Friday night a car pulled a U-turn in front of our friend Bearclaw. The driver didn’t see him. He spent a day or so in the hospital, had numerous scans, has some broken ribs, internal injuries and a separated shoulder. Again very scary, and could have been a lot worse. Please, when you are driving, be aware of who you share the road with. Bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and other cars. Stop at stop signs, look both ways, shoulder check and stay off your phone.

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