Not so meat

Not So Meatballs

The other day I had a go at meatballs minus the meat. My friend Rebekah had told me how she makes veggie balls which I have adapted to make veggie sausage rolls.  But balls were on the menu. I didn’t have any packaged ground round, so I used the dehydrated, and wasn’t sure how they would turn out. I re-hydrated the ground with boiling water and added fresh garlic, dried oregano and some bragg’s. I let it sit for a while, then added an egg and some bread crumbs, mixed it up and made balls. I sautéed them in some olive oil til they were brown.  As the pasta was cooking I sautéed some garlic, orange pepper and grated zucchini in some olive oil, then added some tomato sauce and the balls. Simmered that until the balls were warm. Nobody wants cold balls. I tossed the cooked noodles with sauce and topped that with the balls. It was a pretty tasty dinner. The balls were nice and moist, good texture, but a little bland. Next time, onion.

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One Response to Balls

  1. Husband says:

    You may have set a record for most times using the word “Balls” in one blog post. I’m proud of that.

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