Veggie Bounty

Yesterday, myself, Christina and the babes drove out to New West to visit Karmavore. The shop has been open for a year. We only discovered it a month or so ago and have been stalking the website since then. Making our wish list, and trying to fit in a trip between naps, school work and other responsibilities. First we stopped for some lunch, I was a little hangry, and babies are always happier on full stomachs.

Veggie Loot

mmm veggie

There was construction on the street in front of the shop, so we were a little worried as we approached that they were closed.  Open! It’s not a big shop, but it is merchandised nicely. I picked up some gummies, marshmallows, tempeh bacon, meatloaf, a black belt for Kyle and a 1 inch button for myself. I was hoping to get some mini-mallows and a t-shirt, but they were sold out. Christina struck out with her wish list too. She did manage to pick up some coconut aminos and a sweet ‘not a nugget’ necklace. The babes had fun toddling around and dancing while we chatted with one of the owners, who was working in the shop. She was super friendly, and very helpful. Took my info for when the t-shirts are re-stocked. I’m going to have to return the belt too…too big. But he likes it!!! And it fits his various buckles!

In October the shop is moving. Conveniently, (dangerously) close to the school I work at. Which I’ll be going back to in January. They’re also opening a deli section in the new shop, with hot food and sandwiches.

Kyle and I tried the tempeh bacon with our first football fry up of the new premiership season. It is really tasty, but doesn’t have a bacon texture. It is thicker and chewier, not necessarily a bad thing. But I wouldn’t say it is an analog to traditional bacon.

Now the question is, can I make s’mores with the gelatin-free marshmallows?

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