Zombie Gup

Last night was the Vancouver launch party for Gup Gup’s, a new vinyl toy company. Kyle was asked to ‘decorate’ one for the show. The artists could either do a 2D design and email it in then a company in China would apply it to the Gup Gup or they could hand paint their design onto a blank Gup Gup. Kyle chose to hand paint his and the time and effort were worth it for the finished product. His zombie Gup’s vibrant colours and clean lines really stood out among the rest. And who doesn’t love a super cute zombie with a bird’s nest in the back of its head?

The show was also a silent auction. We’re not sure if Zombie Gup sold. If he didn’t then he’s off to launch party/Gup shows in South America and China. Hopefully he sends a post card.Zombie Gup

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One Response to Zombie Gup

  1. rachel mayhead says:

    this gup gup is seriously not for the faint hearted – so cool – will probably be on South Park next year?!

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